Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Long Drive Home

After another fabulous breakfast by Mari, at Palapas Ventana, we packed up the truck and headed north. It's about 20 hours from La Paz to San Diego. We decided to stay the night in Guerrero Negro and break it up into two days. Then I'll spend the night in San Diego and drive another 9 hours to Santa Cruz.

I have to claim my small victory: I drove the entire peninsula. There is something special about spending two weeks in Baja, driving, surfing and having fun with friends. It's an adventure that gives you time to really relax, and a level of excitement that reminds you how precious life really is.

For example, when we were driving through the middle of Baja we entered a mountain area where the road was really narrow... and winding. The big-rigs, that run 60mph all the time, and take up every inch of their lane, seem like they are going to rip off your sideview mirror every time they pass. The surfboard rack shakes from the wind of the passing trucks. I wish I could close my eyes every time.

As we rounded a corner I saw a huge truck cross over into my lane and all I had on the other side was a shear drop. I held my breath and we passed within inches. Now I know why there are so many white crosses on the sides of the Baja hwy.

Accidents do happen on the long road to Cabo, too. We just made it past one big rig that had driven into the side of the mountain. Half the truck was in the ditch and the cab was flipped over. We sqeezed past and kept on our way, knowing they would shut down the hwy for hours to get that thing out.

We arrived in San Diego on Friday, a little dusty and tired, but safe. I can't wait to do it again! Actually, we are going to do it again next summer and I invite you to come with us. We will be hosting a surf trip for 10 stand up paddle surfers over 4 different weeks in June and July. Check out for all the details.

Until then my friends, Adios!

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