Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lance Got His Marlin

It seems like Lance was talking about fishing ever since we hooked up a week ago. He's been making ceviche (the best I've ever had) and he even started smelling like fish.

Well, he finally got his day of glory. Two days of fishing at Palapas Ventana and he landed a 130lb Marlin.

I spent the morning paddling around in the hot sun while those guys were out there on the Panga's. There was a nice breeze and the water was just the right temperature to cool you off when you got too hot. I would paddle for a while then jump in the water and swim around like I was in a pool! The interesting thing about the water is you can swim with your eyes open and it feels totally natural. I think the salinity of the water must be the same as your eyes or something like that. It's almost like snorkeling without a mask.

Tomorrow we pack up and head home. I'm full of fish, burnt from the sun, and completely relaxed. 34 hours of driving and I'll be home in my own bed.

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