Friday, June 1, 2007

14 Days Till Departure

It's June 1st and I'm heading out on the 15th. First stop is San Diego where I'll hook up with my brother and some friends before heading across the border for two weeks in Baja, Mexico. We've been planning this trip for a while and it's finally here. I'm excited and a little bummed at the same time. Excited because I get a chance to hang out with my brother and friends for two weeks of just surfing and kitesurfing. Bummed because I'm just a little bit broke right now. I'll be going pretty low-budget for this trip... but I guess that's how most Baja trips go!

We'll be driving down to San Carlos the first day and if there is any wind we'll stay there a while. Other stop will include Punta Abreojos and Punta Conejo. I guess there are some summer swells that bring to life breaks on the East Cape every now and then, so we'll pick up our friend Tim, in La Ventana, and see if we get lucky.

Tim is the lucky one, really. He and his Mom cashed out of the U.S. some years ago and opened a place called Palapas Ventana down there in La Ventana. I stayed there in February and caught a couple of windy days kitesurfing. We also went fishing on his Panga and explored the coast a bit. If you ever get a chance check out Palapas Ventana, they have wife-friendly (nice bathrooms, hot showers, clean, you know what I'm talking about) palapas and a great restaurant. So we'll pick up Tim and hang out down there for a few days. That's the idea at least. I'm sure it will change and I'll keep you posted as it does.

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