Sunday, June 17, 2007

San Quintin Kite Surfing

We jammed out of San Diego at 5:00 am and made a quick stop at the border for our travel cards. It's a funny setup, you park as soon as you get through the gates and walk back toward the border. There is a little office with a couple guys sleeping where you get the papers. Then you have to walk back to the bank and pay $25 and walk all the way back to the little office to get it stamped. But it's worth it because they ask for them in Guerrero Negro and if you don't have them it's a huge pain.

We drove about 4 or 5 hours and stopped in San Quintin for our first day in Baja. We wanted to get in some kite surfing before we got too far into Baja. We met up with our friend Alexis and had some good wind. We kited all day long and slept at his place. In the morning, at about 6am, we packed up and headed for San Carlos. A great start!

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