Monday, June 18, 2007

Kite Surfing San Carlos

We headed into San Carlos today. It's still early since we left San Quintin at about 6:00am and San Carlos is only about 2 hours further south. It's an easy road and we came out of the arroyo to the beautiful Pacific ocean, a few campers and rolling waves on point after point. San Carlos sure looks like fun.

John took his stand up paddle board out before the wind came up and surfed the points from the Solo Sports headquarters all the way around the point. The wind came up around noon and we put up our 9m Caution Answer. The wind came on hard, but it was fluky and we decided to wait it out and see if it will fill in more.

It's hard to kite at a new place when there are no other kiters around. The windsurfers didn't look too happy that we were there, too. Eventually the wind filled in and John took the 9M out but just before he dove the kite the first time his chicken loop snapped and the kite went spiraling out. He was pissed. Swears that Caution cut some corners and made a really crappy chicken loop on the Answer. I hope the next generations are better.

We decided to cut our losses and leave San Carlos to the windsurfers for now. We have a good night, packed up and headed to Punta Abreojos the next day.

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