Wednesday, June 20, 2007

La Bocana - The Mouth

The mouth of the estuary at La Bocana is really a beautiful place. We drove up here to see if there is any kiteboarding in the estuary. It looks like it would be a lot of fun if there was wind.

The town of La Bocana is a pretty little town. When we were driving back to Abreojos we ran into a couple of kids making the 12 mile walk in the middle of the day. The school bus had just passed us by and we pulled off the road to check out the estuary, and these two kids come running up to us with huge smiles on their faces. They said they missed the bus or something like that, but I think they actually got kicked off the bus! The kids in Abreojos go to school in La Bocana and they ride the bus back in the early afternoon. One of the kids, Juan Antonio, played out uke's while we drove them home and said he was a musician.

Later that day we ran into a local who laughed when we told him about Juan Antonio. He shook his head and that's when I knew Juan Antonio was a trouble-maker.

We surfed today and had a lot of fun. I took my longboard out to the point. It's a fun wave, seems to come out of two directions at once, creating a wedge that jumps up really fast.

Tomorrow we head out early for Punta Conejo.

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