Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Punta Abreojos Stand Up Paddle Surfing

So back to the Stand Up Paddle Surfing. The waves at Punta Abreojos weren't that great, but there were fun. John spent most of his time stand up paddle surfing and I paddled my long board out to the point. The waves were fun and the water was warming up. Still cold by Baja standards. We have some warm water in our near future.

I took the stand up paddle board out and had a blast. It's hard to keep your balance, but what a work out!

We met some good people who were camping there on the point with us, a couple of Australians who have been in Baja for a couple months, and a couple kids in a chevy heading down to Baja for a couple weeks.

Tomorrow we're heading up to La Bocana to see if there is any wind in the estuary.

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